Healthy Hot Soothing Drinks

The temperature outdoors is plummeting and your body is beginning to look for ways to compensate. The occasional goose bumps and shivers are coming all too often. One of the best ways for you to respond, is to reach for

Lemon Juice uses and Benefits

Lemon juice is loaded with Vitamin C.  Apart from its obvious health benefits; lemon juice is a natural household helper.  It contains 5% acid, so it works well in many household or personal uses.  The benefit of using lemon juice

Why you can Eat Salad all Year Round

When people think of something to eat on a hot summer’s evening, a salad often springs to mind. It is usually a cooling dish, full of juicy vegetables, which is just what your body needs when coping with hot temperatures.

Healthy Juices for Total Wellness

Juicing your own fruits and vegetables is far more nutritious than any of the store bought juices that have been bottled or canned for months before they are sold and lose their nutrition and vitamin potency. During summer months it’s

Corned Beef and Cabbage different Ways to Enjoy a St Patricks Day Treat

The St. Patrick’s Day tradition of eating corned beef and cabbage has a curious origin.  To begin with, it is not an Irish tradition, but an American one. In Dublin, and elsewhere across the Emerald Isle, local people are far

Restaurant Chain Reviews Ihop

The last time my friend Sean convinced me to go to a restaurant it was the worse experience of my life.  We met there and he said he wasn’t hungry. I ordered. He got away scot free, leaving me sitting

Hissaria Mineral Springs Mineral Springs Bulgaria Spa Bulgaria Spa Hotel Bulgaria

Hissaria is a town in Bulgaria, situated about 175 km away from the capital of Sofia and near the city of Plovdiv. Hissaria has long been known as a popular spa resort. The archaeological remains discovered there reveal that the

Delicious Ways to Enjoy Vegetables at Breakfast

Not many people think of vegetables as a breakfast food. Breakfast menus are dominated by fruit, pastries, and other sweets. Savory foods such as eggs and bacon take a back seat, and vegetables rarely make an appearance. But there are

Chain Restaurant Reviews Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a combination restaurant/store. When you walk into the door, you first see the store and all of the merchandise. Here, you will be met by beautiful items that tempt you to buy them. Jewelry,

Bar Alcohol Drinking Etiquette

Not all bars are created equal. Each and every bar is created for a particular subset of people. Like restaurants, each is serving a particular type of clientele, the ability to read and choose which bar to go to can